A List Of All Traffic And Road Signs And Their Meaning

Traffic and road signs are important because they help people know where to go and what to do on the roads. They also help keep people safe by letting them know when to stop, slow down, turn, and obey other rules. Signs are placed along the roads and highways to remind drivers of the rules […]

A Layperson’s Guide To Traffic Control Devices

So, do you want to learn about traffic control devices? Well, you’re already quite familiar with one kind of traffic control device: traffic signals. Every time you pull up to a major intersection and observe the familiar red, green, and yellow lights of the traffic signal, you’re seeing a traffic control device in action. Traffic […]

A Guide To Active Traffic Management & Traffic Control Methods

Traffic congestion cost the average American roughly 97 hours per year and $1348 per driver, according to mobility analytics company INRIX’s 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard. To reduce congestion and preserve the safety and efficiency of traffic flow, federal and local government agencies have adopted an Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) approach to determine which […]