Construction Equipment Rentals Bakersfield

Looking for construction equipment rentals in the Bakersfield, CA area? The best construction projects have the right tools and equipment. To ensure best safety and preparedness for the project, you'll need to rent the proper equipment to get the job properly done. Let Safety Network be your source for construction equipment rentals in Bakersfield. We have a large inventory of construction equipment that includes various types of machinery, tools, construction apparel like hard hats and jackets, traffic signs, and other equipment you may need for the job. No matter the required equipment for your next building project, Safety Network of Bakersfield has you covered!

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Construction Equipment Rentals

Construction Equipment Rentals Bakersfield, CA

Safety Network carries many construction supplies from leading brands in the industry. Regardless of whether you need equipment for concrete construction, road paving, ordering, picking, warehousing, or forestry, Safety Networks professional team can help you find the right equipment for the job.

List of Construction Equipment:

  • Construction tools - light towers, generators, picks, rakes, lasers, levels, concrete and asphalt tools, etc.
  • Construction site signs - OSHA signs, construction signs, warning signs, guide signs, and more.
  • Traffic control devices - message boards, arrow boards, portable signals, speed monitors, channelizers, and more.
  • Safety equipment - hard hats, construction jackets, dust masks, ear plugs, jackets, reflective vests, and more.

Equipment Rental Locations:

Why Rent Construction Equipment From Safety Network?

Why choose Safety Network for construction equipment rentals in Bakersfield, CA? Our company, in business since 1989, is a certified business, and we provide both reliable and affordable construction equipment rental options. To help maximize productivity on the work site, we'll make the rental equipment process as quick and affordable as possible. Our rental construction equipment in Visalia meets and exceeds safety regulations as set by the state of California. In fact, Safety Network is a Certified California Small Business (SMBE). 

Additional benefits of renting from us include:

  • Flexible term equipment rentals
  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient locations to rent (Bakersfield, Visalia, Fresno)
  • Fast and easy rental process

About Our Construction Equipment Rental Company

Safety Network was first founded in 1989. For several decades now, we have been a reliable source for construction equipment rentals. We serve the cities of Bakersfield, Visalia, and Fresno, CA. Our team is dedicated to providing technical knowledge and support so that you are matched with the perfect construction equipment to rent for your project. Our staff is a team of licensed professionals, proud to serve the Bakersfield (661) 393-6000 area. Contact us by phone at any one of our locations, or email us at