Fresno, CA Construction Equipment

Since 1989, Safety Network has been serving the Fresno California area, providing traffic control and highway worker protection services and equipment. Our company is a Certified California Small Business (SMBE), and is committed to providing construction equipment — available for either rent or purchase. In addition, our company is a trusted source for traffic control in the Fresno, CA area and the state of California, having a California C-31 class contractor’s license. Please contact us today to get a quote on construction supplies or signs. Our Fresno, CA construction equipment experts are here to help!

Fresno is based in the center of the San Joaquin Valley in the sourthern area of Central Valley. The Fresno, CA area is home to many businesses, restaurants, bars, hotels, and attractions. Whether you live near the Fresno, CA area or are visiting for the first time, you may want to take a break from your work and visit places like the Fresno County Blossom Trail, Warnor's Theatre, Forestiere Underground Gardens, the Fresno Art Museum, and the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Below is a list of some of Fresno, California's top-rated and most-loved attractions, located near Safety Network's Fresno location:

Construction Equipment for Sale & Rent

At Safety Network, we have new construction equipment, both for sale and for rent. Browse our construction equipment online and give us a call or contact us to get your pricing. Safety Network provides competitve pricing for various construction tools, including light towers, generators, picks, rakes, lasers, levels, concrete and asphalt tools, and more. Not sure what you need or what's required for your specific job? Our construction equipment experts can help. Make your construction project possible with our construction equipment!

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There is nobody in California that can beat our:

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • State of the art design and planning process
  • Up to date knowledge of all current regulations
  • Established relationships with local, regional, and state agencies
  • Execution of comprehensive road safety

Construction Site Signs

For construction to operate functionally, it is important to have construction site signs to guide employees and passersby. They can also help to create a safe environment in a setting full of unique dangers. To ensure that your construction site or building has the best signs, we've made the process of purchasing construction signage a simple one. With years of experience with selling construction traffic signs, you can rest assured you'll be taken care of by our award-winning customer experience team will be able to help you with your construction site project.

Every construction site is different. To make sure you have everything you need for your construction area setup, we're here to provide all the different types of signage you may need. All of our construction signs are durable, weather resistant, and easy to understand. Whether you need something to attach to a post in the ground or hang on your fence, we've got the right type of sign for you.

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Fresno, CA Construction Equipment & Devices

Fresno, CA Traffic Control Devices

Are you planning a new construction project? Safety Network is here to ensure that your team is prepared to properly take on a new project. We will equip your team with the needed traffic control devices, including signs, message boards, barricades, cones, and more.

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Fresno, CA Construction Equipment & Safety Items

Fresno, CA Safety Items

Safety Network provides quality safety apparel so your workers stay protected on the job. It is our mission to ensure your team is fully equipped to take on the job safely. From hard hats and gloves to safety fences and caution tape, we can provide all the necessary safety items needed for your projects. Contact us for details or pricing today.

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Fresno, CA Construction Equipment & Signs

Fresno, CA Signs & Supplies

As you work on your construction project, traffic and construction signs are critical for guiding traffic and pedestrians around your workzone. Here at Safety Network, our traffic control signs include construction signs, warning signs, OSHA signs, regulatory signs, guide signs, etc.

Need customization? Safety Network will be happy to work with you to design the custom construction or traffic sign you need. Our custom signs include small banners and vehicle decals.

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Fresno, CA Construction Equipment

Fresno, CA Construction Supplies

Is there a new construction project underway? Safety Network can help you with the details. As a professional traffic control company, we specialize in traffic control safety, highway worker protection, and certified construction equipment for the Fresno, CA area. Below we have a detailed list of the types of Fresno, CA construction equipment available. Our supplies include light towers, generators, picks, rakes, lasers/levels, stakes, concrete and asphalt tools, etc. Please contact us for a quote today, or for any questions regarding renting or purchasing your construction equipment.

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About Safety Network

Safety Network's Fresno, CA construction equipment experts are committed to providing excellent customer service. Since 1989, our company has been providing trusted traffic control services to the state of California. In addition, our traffic control signs and construction equipment are quality made and designed according to MUTCD standards.

After the design and approval process of your work zone is complete, Safety Network's professionals will interpret and implement those plans using the proper traffic control per MUTCD regulations and approved traffic control plans, from the simple shoulder closure to complicated lane closures. Every technician on your job site is backed by the best training and certification in our industry. Not only will our trained Fresno, CA construction equipment experts install and remove traffic control setup in your work zone, each one has the knowledge, training, and certification required to maintain and monitor depending on the situation.

Until 2014, our company operated under the one name of Safety Network. In order to better serve our ever growing clientele, we opted to became the Safety Network Family of Businesses with 3 separate business names but one focus of better serving our customers. These three divisions are: Safety Network Traffic Control Services, Inc., Safety Network Traffic Signs, Inc. and Safety Network Holdings, Inc.

As a whole, Safety Network Traffic Control Services is a complete traffic control company specializing in the business of traffic control safety and highway worker protection. Our company is a Certified California Small Business (SMBE) with a California C-31 class contractor’s license. In addition, we offer full service traffic control, including a traffic control plan design to the supply and the installation and maintenance of the work zone.

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