Construction Supplies

If it’s construction supplies and concrete tools you need, Safety Network is the place to get quality items at the best price. Some construction equipmment is also available for rent (see our “Services” page for more info).

A general list of Construction Supplies available at Safety Network:

Construction Supplies List

  • Light Towers
  • Generators
  • Picks
  • Rakes
  • Sand Bags


Survey Supplies

  • Lasers & Levels
  • Lath
  • Ginnies
  • Stakes
  • Flagging Tape
  • String Line
  • Chalk & Chalk line
  • Twine
  • Upside-Down Paint



  • Concrete Tools
  • Asphalt Tools
  • Shovels
  • Brooms
  • Digging Bars
  • Post Hole Diggers
  • Sledgehammers

Measuring Devices

  • Measuring Tapes
  • Measuring Wheels


  • 5 Gal. Water Jugs
  • Sprayers
  • Environmental Products
  • Geotextile Rolls
  • Spill Kits
  • Striping Paint
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Quickie Patch Asphalt

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Traffic Control Devices

View our vast selection including Message Boards, Arrow Boards, Barriers, Cones, Flag Stands, and much more.

Safety Items

Hard Hats, Gloves, Dust Masks, Safety Glasses, Lights, Caution Tape, and more to keep you safe.

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Sign & Sign Supplies

We have Construction Signs, Regulatory Signs, OSHA Signs and more – and we can even make Custom Signs.

Construction Supplies

Our inventory includes Survey Supplies, Construction Tools, Measuring Devices, and Environmental Products.