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Traffic Signs | Manufacturing & Installation For California

traffic signs introduction

Safety Network is known for great customer service including quick turnaround, and quality crafted traffic signs.

We stock a variety of construction signs, warning signs, stop signs and regulatory signs for the contractor on-the-go. If you need a sign that isn’t on our shelves, we’ll make it for you as soon as possible at no extra charge.

Traffic Signs Manufacturing

For over 25 years Safety Network has prided itself on manufacturing quality construction, traffic, and safety signs at competitive prices - all while producing them in the timeliest manner in our industry. We here at Safety Network realize that meeting our customer’s deadlines is of the utmost importance.

It was with that foundation that in 2014, Safety Network Traffic Signs divided off as its own company. This allowed for growth and the ability for us to develop a more state of the art, 21st century sign shop. Safety Network Traffic Signs now prides itself as one of the best and knowledgeable traffic sign manufacturers on the west coast.

Our staff is constantly keeping up with the ever changing requirements of the MUTCD for all traffic signs from regulatory and street name signs to construction and safety signs.

With our newly developed state of the art equipment and techniques we have raised the bar to be not only the most knowledgeable and efficient producer of traffic signs in the industry, we back it up with unsurpassed customer service that is driven to exceed expectations.

Traffic Signs Hardware


Safety Network has a wide variety of sign hardware to choose from. We carry everything from vandal proof hardware to telespar sign posts. If the hardware is for signs, we can get it even if we do not have it in one of our stores.





Traffic Signs Installation


Safety Network’s staff has over 20 years of experience installing both ground-mount and overhead signs. Whether you need one sign replaced or you are developing a whole subdivision, we can meet your sign installation needs. No project is too small and no project is too big.









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