Sign Management


For several years, the Safety Network Sign Management Division has become the industry leader, offering complete sign management services to help municipal agencies obtain and maintain MUTCD regulation compliance.
As of June 2014, the MUTCD regulation section 2A.08 mandates that all agencies across the United States must have a sign management program that allows them to identify which safety signs in their inventory meet MUTCD sign retro-reflective requirements and which ones do not.

Most agencies are overwhelmed with the magnitude of trying to accomplish this task. Safety Network realized this many years ago, so we now offer the country’s most exhaustive yet simple road sign management programs and options with many levels of service and operation model according to budget needs. Safety Network has helped many agencies become and maintain retro-reflective MUTCD compliance.

Sign Management Services

Because signs are critical for public safety, having a strong sign management program with up-to-date inventory data is an important part of transportation management efforts. Yet many agencies still follow the historical process of collecting sign data in spreadsheets, making it difficult to preserve data integrity and to use the data effectively to maintain an inventory of properly placed, well-functioning signs.

Sign management is the act of successfully guiding all aspects of a company’s sign program to be on budget and on-time. The process includes the definition and coordination of specific activities and tasks, establishing work time frames to meet quality standards, assigning and allocating resources to activities as well as generating revenue. Management includes communicating as accurately and timely as possible with the scheduled process on what is happening now and what will be coming soon.

Advantages of Sign Management

  • Streamline Workflows: Integrate the planning, inventory, inspection, analysis, and maintenance of the full asset lifecycle in a single workflow.
  • Visualize Data: Search and display location, condition, and maintenance activities for any asset in a map for better visibility.
  • Increase Efficiency: Track maintenance activities and history— and even track fieldwork from your office for greater efficiency.
  • Make Better Decisions: Use advanced analytics to allocate resources efficiently, eliminate redundancies, and reduce costs.


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