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Safety Network provides traffic management services in the Visalia, CA area. Here at Safety Network, we are a Certified California Small Business (SMBE) and have a California C-31 class contractor’s license. In addition, Safety Network is committed to offering quality traffic management services. Our traffic management services in Visalia, CA inlcude traffic planning, designing, and work zone management. We are licensed to install traffic signs, construction signs, safety signs, custom mounted signs, and more. Additionally, our experts can also can deliver equipment rentals to your site. Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing services and products for traffic management in Visalia, California. Please contact our professional Visalia, CA traffic management staff and we will draw and submit your traffic control plan for approval.

Situated only thirty-six miles west of Sequoia National Park, Visalia, CA is home to a number of national parks, historical sites, museums, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Take a break from your work and visit the Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Fox Theatre, Visalia Farmer's Market, Rawhide Ballpark, and more. Below is a list of just some of the places you can visit during your time in Visalia, CA:

Traffic Management Services

Contact us for traffic management services in Visalia, CA. Nobody in California can beat our:

  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Expert design and planning process
  • Up to date knowledge of all current regulations
  • Established relationships with local, regional, and state agencies
  • Execution of comprehensive road safety

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Visalia, CA Traffic Management Devices

Visalia, CA Traffic Management Devices

Our Visalia, CA experts can assist you with your building project! We properly prepare you and your team with appropriate traffic management equipment. In addition, our Visalia, CA traffic management devices are available for either purchase or rent. Some of our products include traffic management devices, including message boards, cones, barricades, channelizers, markers, barriers, and more.

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Visalia, California Traffic Management Safety Items

Visalia, CA Traffic Management Safety Items

When it comes to safety equipment, Safety Network has your back! Some of our apparel items include hard hats, masks, gloves, ear plugs, vests, jackets, and more; vehicle lighting, and general items like caution tape and safety fences. Please see our complete inventory and contact us today for pricing details.

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Visalia, CA Traffic Management Signs

Visalia, CA Traffic Management Signs

Our certified traffic control signs include construction, warning, regulatory, guide, street name, school, and Osha signs. In addition, Safety Network has customization options available. Please contact our experts today for customization and pricing.

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Visalia, CA Construction Supplies

Visalia, CA Construction Supplies

Our traffic management experts in Visalia, CA, can provide construction supplies for purchase or rent. Please refer to our complete list below for a detailed inventory of construction supplies; including survey supplies, tools, measuring devices, and construction equipment.

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Our Traffic Management Company

Our Visalia, California traffic management experts are dedicated to providing excellent customer service since 1989. At Safety Network, our traffic control signs and construction equipment are quality made and designed according to MUTCD standards.

Once the design and approval process of your work zone is complete, our experts will interpret and implement those plans using the proper traffic control per MUTCD regulations and approved traffic control plans. Each technician on your job site is backed by the best training and certification in our industry. Not only will our trained traffic management experts from Visalia, CA install and remove traffic control setup in your work zone, each one has the knowledge, training, and certification required to maintain and monitor every situation. Please get in touch with us for work zone control or equipment rentals today.

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